How much did you cost? The literal price of adoption.

This is a question I first encountered being asked over on the AAAFC boards some time ago. Sadly that thread has since been lost, so I thank @TransracialEyes for asking the question again in a more publicly accessible setting. 🙂


Now that the crowdfunding craze has caught up with adoption, it is normal within adoption mediation to talk about “sticker shock” concerning the price of adopting children. I realize that just once I would like to see an article that discusses our shock at how much we set our adoptive parents back.

In my case, outside of airfare between Iran and Lebanon (where my adoptive father was working at the time), I have a cancelled check for $300 in among my paperwork. This was a “gift donation” to the orphanage, though everyone I talk to was basically shaken down in a similar way, and these “gifts” were expected to continue beyond the date of adoption, and were often a yearly contribution at Christmas or our birthdays.

$300 in 1963, adjusted for inflation [inflation calculator] is $2,283.77. I think I was pretty much a bargain, compared to today’s adoptions.

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