Adoption Critique

Think adoption is a non-profit service for children?   Think again.  If it was so charitable, it would be provided as a public service with no money changing hands.

Instead, adoption is a multi-billion-dollar industry.  Each transaction, each time money is given to an agency in exchange for an infant, a profit has been made, a human being has been bought.  And, usually by people who would recoil at the concept of human trafficking.  But if you can dress it up in euphemisms of “adoption services” and “adoption situations,” you can get away with treating babies as commodities.

Here are examples of price-lists for babies.   These are screen-captures of actual pages from business websites.  I am leaving out the business names to avoid legal hassles.  But just google “adoption situations” to find these and many more.

(Click on graphic to see full-sized image.)

And, gee, this one below even offers a…

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Inspired by Sig’s recent comment about the Adoption Apparel Translator, we here at Bastardly Designs have decided to finally get over the problems which we obviously have with adoption and cash in on the international adoption craze! Do you have a special child in your life who “is from Guatemala but you cannot tell (as she is rather light skinned)?” Do you “love her country and want to adopt more from there?” Do you want to tell the world but the “Guatemalan Princess” shirt just isn’t cutting it anymore? Do you feel the need to assure the whole blogosphere that “no one would accuse [you] with (sic) sleeping with a Mexican?”

Well, we’re not sure what to tell you about the last one but for the rest, we are proud to present Bastardly Designs first iron-on transfer for your little Guatling, which we have named the “Sig Sig Sputnik” in…

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