Sibling revelry

Pushing on a Rope

Catherine and I tease Basil because he likes to say, “When you see it, you see it.”

Today, I saw it.

At lunch with my newly discovered brother, Chris.

We’d barely sat down when Chris said, “You’ve got to see the resemblance.”

I admitted that while I saw a bit of it around the mouth, I wasn’t so sure.

He wouldn’t be swayed. Pointing to his cheekbones and the shape of his eyes, he said, “When I saw your pictures, I knew right away you were my sister.

“And they,” he said, pointing to our mother, Pat; Basil; Catherine and Chris’ wife, Jill, “are right now noticing how we both use our hands the same way when we talk.”

Moments later, Pat remarked that we’d each raised a single eyebrow at the same time. Mine was the left one, his was the right, but no matter. They were choreographed in…

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