The Search for Family

Found mine through FB in 2009. However, now that they’ve changed it so we can’t see who’s in what school ‘n’ stuff like, I wouldn’t’ve found them except by chance. As it was, I happened on msis’s school and year just after they’d got on FB, and before FB changed.

I wish Lynne inordinate amounts of good luck. 😀

I was sad not to be able to find a button to ‘like’ this post, btw.


I started my search for biological relatives. I sent 25 messages to strangers on Facebook who share my birth mother’s maiden name – Arvin.

I am hoping one of these strangers will offer clues about my birth mother, a woman I’ve never met. I wrote a nice, polite letter of introduction with the few facts I have about this woman – her name, place of birth, age when she had me.  So far, I’ve only heard back from one Arvin. She said birth mom is not related to anyone in her family and hinted at a possible family tie in Kentucky.  I am pursuing people in that state along with Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

So this is how searches go. You wait and wonder who will respond to your message. You check email and Facebook frequently. You try not to think about it too much.

Some adoptees post their photos…

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