[Reblog] Harlow Monkey’s Adoptee Model for Activism

Posted AUGUST 20, 2013

I recently had a conversation with another transracial adoptee who mentioned that many years ago she had tentatively attended some Korean adoptee social events but quickly felt she didn’t fit it. Part of it was a political view on their adoption – the division between those who felt they had good adoptive experiences and those who did not. The retreat lasted almost twenty years and now, this TRA is venturing out into the adult-adoptee world again.

I didn’t mention which “side” (i.e. the “good” or “bad” binary) this particular adoptee was on because it doesn’t matter – I’ve seen this dynamic happen in both directions. Those who consider their adoptions to have been really fulfilling often are very resentful of adoptees who critique adoption. And those that critique adoption are quick to dismiss other adoptees as “drinking the Kool-Aid” or being in denial.

Adoptees are like anyone else, human first. We are cliquish, and judgmental and so what? It’s frustrating that this is used against us by others to diminish and dismiss the crux of what our common message is – that it is OUR message, however messy and complex and contradictory it seems.

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Be an ADOPTEE advocate!

Be an ADOPTEE advocate, not an adoptION advocate.

Be an ADOPTEE advocate, not an adoptION advocate.

There are so many people who prattle on about how they advocate for adoption, yet why does adoption – which is nothing more than a profitable Institution – need such advocates?

It’s not adoption that needs advocating for, but the ADOPTEES to whom adoption is done to.

It is the ADOPTEES who are the people living this who need to have their rights protected – or even instated.

It is the ADOPTEES whose voices are stifled by accusations of bitterness should they dare say anything other than flattering towards adoption.

Adoption is an Institution.

ADOPTEES are the people.

Be an ADOPTEE advocate, not an adoptION advocate!